Gotta start somewhere

For years, people have told me how funny I am. They’ve insisted that I belong on stage (or in a padded room).  As many wise people have noted over the years however, free advice is seldom worth what you pay for it.  It seems lately, the unsolicited career advisers have shifted their recommendations from stand-up comedy to blogging.  I realize that these well-meaning, amateur guidance counselors aren’t any more likely to have written blogs than they have been to stand on a stage at the Komedy Kastle on open-mike night.  Still, the thought of writing a blog has germinated in my massive, hyperactive head and the time has come to give it a shot.
Maybe my ego is out of hand, but I’m convinced that I have something to say which a handful of reasonably intelligent or moderately deranged people might enjoy reading. When I actually tried to get started though, it was a struggle just to come up with a name. I ended up with “1pointperspective” not so much because it suits me, but because I knew I could screw around for months trying for the perfect name and never get it. My visits to WordPress would dwindle and eventually I’d forget my password. I’d find a new diversion, like some website extolling the hot world of foot fetishism in the Baltic states. So, I settled for my current moniker.
Just to clarify, a one point perspective is a best illustrated in a drawing or photo looking down a straight stretch of railroad track or road – not unlike the header picture above, without the graceful curve at the end.  The two parallel rails are spread apart in the foreground, but then grow closer and closer together as they approach the vanishing point on the horizon. It’s among the most boring and static types of perspective views, made interesting only by the appearance of an oncoming freight train. Still, for the reasons which I have already described, I’m sticking with it. I have no doubt that there are other very similar names in use on this site, and I apologize if anyone feels that I’m infringing on their turf.
I read a fair amount. Blogs, paperbacks, and newspapers.  I’ll read the ingredients on the back of a cleanser can if I’m desperate enough.  When reading the works of actual professional authors, I usually find myself in one of two camps. Either I am in awe from the crafting of simple words into beautiful, moving stories of the human condition, or i am gob-smacked that someone would pay money for the poorly written, badly imagined drivel which often passes for creative fiction. When I read an example of the latter, I am motivated to sit down and create something better. As anyone who has ever attempted to create a work of more than a few pages will tell you, it’s easier said than done.  Still, I have every intention of finishing the novel which I’ve started and re-started at least nine times now.

In the meantime, I’m going to blog my observations about whichever topics happen to float my boat.  Hopefully someone out there will enjoy my musings about my world.  If not, I guess I’ll find out if those Baltic tootsies really live up to the internet hype.

3 thoughts on “Gotta start somewhere

  1. Congratulations, you’re off to a fine start. You’re going to do just fine; you have a unique perspective, an easy style, a terrific sense of humor, all the things you need to gain a following. I’m not a big fan of science fiction or zombies or vampires, but your post pointing out all the problems in The Walking Dead was very entertaining.

    1. Thanks p-works! Just to clarify, when I originally wrote this, I had a photo of a country road as my header. Since then, I’ve added a bunch of my own photos and abandoned the country road which wordpress was kind enough to supply me with. In the future, I’ll be sure to leave out any references to my headers, since I’ll likely be changing them constantly. I guess I could edit out the reference to the header, but I think I’ll leave it in there to see if anyone is paying attention.

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