Mood Music for E.D.

In yesterday’s post, I dissected the advertising strategies used by the two biggest players in the erectile dysfunction (ED) pharmaceutical market.  Part of the piece described one company’s use of a Howlin’ Wolf song in one of its ads.

An actual photo of the Howlin' Wolf clowning with the microphone (Photo by Doug Fulton)

As an added bonus for blues aficionados; I’m going to list some of the best Howlin’ Wolf songs for Turgidity meds:

1) “Smokestack Lightning” – for obviously phallic and incendiary reasons

2)Moanin’ at Midnight” – no explanation needed

3) “Wang Dang Doodle” – its got the word “Wang” in the title, and bonus points if you pointed out that it was a big hit for Willie Dixon.  Uh-huh huh! He said Dixon

4) “Backdoor Man” – Duh

5) “Three Hundred Pounds of Joy” – We all can’t have washboard abs

6) “Shake For Me” – If he’s three hundred pounds, you gotta figure she may have also been built when meat was cheap

7) “Goin Down Slow” – Don’t make me explain these to you, people

8) “Built for Comfort” – Another obvious sexual reference

Please feel free to comment with your own blues favorites which might be well suited for an erectile dysfunction commercial.  Please, no jazz or easy listening tracks.

6 thoughts on “Mood Music for E.D.

  1. Anything by Barry White, Dammit….and Some by Donna Summers …and a few by Rick James….I once bought a CD that featured the soundtracks from some of “those” movies and then we played it at a very public place as background music (no lyrics but lots of sharp repetitive bass notes–I think those are absolute requirements) and no one noticed for about two weeks. They only noticed when someone complained about the repitition (Geez, do you think?) and pulled the CD out and saw what it was. It was only then that all the local geniuses said, “Yeah I thought there was something weird about that CD” Good laughs all around. This might belong as a comment in your Wise-Ass posting

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