Alice Late Rabbit

The tortoise reached the finish line first with no one in sight.  “What was the rabbit late for,” wondered Alice, a wrinkle of deep thought creased her emerald forehead as she craned her neck from within the shell.  She’d plodded diligently along but had no recollection of passing him.

These parables were so predictable, even so, she smiled inwardly.

She couldn’t know that the rabbit had become lunch for a red-tailed hawk.  Little was left but some tufts of fur in the meadow.

The hawk was late for a less well known parable of his own, involving a church mouse and three skunks.  They would have to wait.

10 thoughts on “Alice Late Rabbit

  1. Second attempt at a 100 word challenge. This one was technically a 108 word challenge, as Julia specified that writers must include the phrase – { “What was the rabbit late for,” wondered Alice } in the piece.

  2. Delicious! What a brilliant piece! you have me smiling, sighing & nodding my head through this. Wonderful writing. thank you for sharing!

    1. Your adulation is undeserved, but I’ll take it anyway! I’m glad you enjoyed it. As I’ve written previously, I only wish I had discovered the 100 word challenge sooner.

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