Someone Else’s Last Words

“What could the child-proof cap be for,” wondered Alice, and closing her eyes, she fell asleep.  Twelve hours later she awoke, feeling as though she’d only slept for a moment.  She was troubled by the sky’s change from light to dark.  She slowly came to realize that she had missed her ride, her mid-term exam and probably scared Jeffrey half to death.

Alice gathered her wits about her, taking stock of her surroundings.  The room was gloomy.  Clothes and magazines were strewn about, as if a whirlwind had whipped through the place.  In the shadows, she saw Jeffrey lying motionless.

20 thoughts on “Someone Else’s Last Words

  1. This week’s 100 word challenge was to write using the last 10 words of another writer in the week 36 challenge. The words in the piece I had to use were these: – for,” wondered Alice, and closing her eyes, she fell asleep. – As always, it was an interesting challenge and fun.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I only wish I’d found this challenge sooner. Most of the people who read the other things I write probably wish I’d keep everything shorter!

  2. Good one! So glad you found the 100 Word Challenge. I love to see how so many people interpret the same prompt.

        1. Interesting re-arrangement of the words. The original challenge was to use the last 10 words of the 100 word challenge next to the last one we submitted. It was tough enough using those words (in order). Another blogger had written a post a few weeks back about only speaking in haiku to impress people. It was fun sending him comments in haiku form. What a bunch of geeks we are!

          1. (By the way, I didn’t mean to imply that your unique take on the 10 word aspect of the 100 word challenge wasn’t interesting in its own right. FYI, the blogger who “hosts” the 100 word challenge is “Julia’s Place”, if you’re interested)

    1. Thank you…I wonder about these 100 word pieces myself…part of me wants to see what happens next, but part of me thinks I need to leave them alone and not mar them with 1000’s of additional words.

  3. Thank you for taking up part 2 of the Alice challenge. I really liked the way you made me think we were talking about THE alice with the tablets but then….the twist. Great!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. If this kind of praise keeps up, I may have to consider dropping my feeble, long winded attempts at humor and just dole out my words 100 at a time!

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