St.George, the Dragon, the Writer and a Bottle

White smoke seeps from between its crooked teeth,

The dragon at rest, its forked tongue flicking,

At one bloody hoof, St. George pinned beneath,

The clock of his life may soon stop ticking,

– + –

A writer sits alone scratching his head,

Trying to conjure a scene from a myth,

George may appear by the last stanza dead,

He leaves his keyboard and picks up a fifth,

– + –

The overgrown newt has flames in its maw,

The scribe takes spirits from bottle to lips,

Boiler ignited, his brain starts to thaw,

His keyboard starts clicking in between sips,

– + –

St. George wriggles free and slays the great beast,

Our author relaxes, his sonnet ceased

20 thoughts on “St.George, the Dragon, the Writer and a Bottle

    1. I love dragons, and I love this post. I’m just slightly confused, on why this isn’t in the social media category of your blog.

      1. I know…seems like it shoulda been on facebook in the mystical land of castleville…100 challenge is on “julia’s place” in wordpress. Definitely does not meld all that well with my usual style or preferences for writing, but it’s good exercise…I think

  1. This was great fun and a really interesting perspective to choose. I love the fact that your writer has obvioulsy described the battle so far in great detail, and then gets the hero out of trouble and into victory in one line.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I saw the words “sonnet”, “Shakespeare”, and “St. George” and very nearly skipped the whole thing…I think it was a knee-jerk reaction left over from high school.

  2. Excellent. Blows my ‘bad poetry in 100 words or less” segments away. Course, I do live up to the ‘bad’ part. I have another one I’m posting today. It is god-awful.

    1. Writing badly, even poetry, is more difficult than writing well, especially for someone like you who writes well. Speaking of writing badly, how about that last sentence? It’s been a long day.

  3. I’m very glad that you stayed the course despite hearing words you did not find easy as a youngster. This is a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you so much for joining this tricky challenge.

  4. Writing should always be about the writer. This is what makes it real and enjoyable to read. Well written son!

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