hundred word challenge – root vegetable edition

“Your Highness, I’ve taken the liberty of scouring the whole of the Royal Empire to find you this enormous yellow apple,” he said, whipping it out with a flourish from behind his back.

I’m not royalty, and the object in his filthy hand was neither particularly yellow nor was it an apple.  It was enormous though, and marked with purplish blotches beneath its waxy pallor.

I sat there on the log in the fading light, next to the fire we’d started.  I looked at this strange little man holding a rutabaga, a look of utter pride on his grizzled face.

37 thoughts on “hundred word challenge – root vegetable edition

    1. Umm…I just looked at the gluttony contest and I’m in second with 43 votes and first had 61.

      A rutabaga can range in size, but is usually slightly bigger than a softball but smaller than a volleyball. The skin is a pale orangish-yellow with large purple patches which look like bruises. The appearance is all that more odd looking because they are coated with wax. Inside, the flesh is a uniform orange color. The texture of the uncooked rutabaga is like a very hard potato. I would never serve a Thanksgiving dinner without boiled, mashed rutabagas. The rutabaga’s flavor has a slight bite to it, so I “cut” them with a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes to take the edge off. Top them with some gravy, and you’re living large. Accidentally get some on your fork with your oyster stuffing and get ready to swoon.

        1. Wow! Turns out I DID win! Now I’ve got to get to work on my acceptance speech. I don’t know what weird link I had, but I appeared to be losing badly every time I looked at it. I’m anticipating a sophomore slump of epic proportions on the second deadly sin submission. Life has been entirely too busy of late, taking me away from my trusty laptop and legions of fan. I promise to do better.

      1. Congratulations on your great victory! I’m sure you’re going to want to share those cookies so you can keep your girlish figure.

        1. Thanks! It was fun (but then, winning is always fun). I’m considering being altruistic and deferring cookies in favor of the charitable contribution. In truth, there isn’t an altruistic bone on my big fat body, I’m just more of an oatmeal raisin guy.

  1. Picture Groucho Marx, “This is the tightest story I’ve ever read!”, waving of cigar, eyebrows bouncing! On this freezing morning in the Canadain Prairies, you gave me glee. You get my vote as No. 1 in this challenge. Hey maybe we should start a 100WC Idol!

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