Blog-Garage Sale – A Call For Duds!

Look at all this great stuff! I wonder if I can get the smell of Indian food out of this cool crock pot. (Image from

I think most bloggers will tell you, we have lots of junk stored in our mental garages, or as WordPress likes to call them our “Draft Files”.

I’ll have a momentary spark of inspiration about a potential topic, scribble down a sentence or two, give it a title, then hit “Save Draft”.  Sometimes it’s the title itself, sometimes it’s the idea, but something in there merits my hitting the save button.  Subsequent revisits to the draft do not shed much light on why I ever thought that dog of a topic ever had any value.  So it sits in the draft file collecting dust like a singing big-mouth bass mounted on a plaque.

It’s time for a blog-garage sale.  Next Saturday morning, 7/14 around 8:00 AM Eastern time, I’ll put five of my drafts out on tables in the driveway known as my blog, in hopes that  someone will take these clunkers.  Shoppers will be able to get them for a fraction of what I paid (which was nothing), and save me the trouble of tripping over that pile of ideas on the floor by the back door.

The drafts, just like their snooty over-achiever cousins, the finished posts, are bargain priced at zero dollars.  Still, in my garage-sale state of mind, I just can’t bring myself to just throw the drafts in the trash.  If I can’t find someone to take these off my hands, I’m just going to have to throw these things out, along with this broken beach umbrella and that crappy old bureau that my grandmother said was an “original Chippendale” – Come on Nanny, I’m pretty sure didn’t have male strippers back in the olden days.

Everyone knows that the more people’s junk treasures there are at one of these sales, the more carloads of strange people will show up and browse.  Therefore, I encourage my fellow bloggers to bring out your duds.  Pick out a few lame ideas from your own drafts file and add them to the shady driveway also known as the comments section of this post, or email them to me at  I’ll post them all in next Saturday’s Blog Garage Sale post.  Once they’re on the comments section or in the post, they’re fair game for anyone who’d like them.  If you email them, I’ll be able to post them without attaching your name if you’re that embarrassed by them.  Think fondly of me as you hit the delete button beneath the draft, ridding yourself of those once sparkling ideas which are just depressing to look at now.

As for you non-blog writers, enjoy this creepy glimpse into the raw creative process of your writing heroes.  Be warned though – Seeing these turds before they’ve been honed and polished will undoubtedly take some of the magic away from your reading experiences in the future – kind of like seeing Johnnie Depp without his elevator shoes and make-up.

The first rule of thumb at blog-garage sales is not to wonder whether someone has some sort of mental disorder -“idea hoarding syndrome” or “bad taste” are two of the maladies which often spring to mind.  Just glance at the junk on the tables, and if nothing suits you, nod and smile then move along.  Be sure to check back later, I’m hoping more people show up and bring their garbage treasured ideas.

One last request.  In the event that you trash-pick one of the draft ideas from here and later write a post with it, let me know about it.  I’ll try to let folks know via my blog.  Who knows, you might end up with a Pulitzer, or at the very least, maybe snagging a few more readers.

26 thoughts on “Blog-Garage Sale – A Call For Duds!

  1. Clever idea. I don’t actually have unused drafts. I write everything up in Word beforehand and then copy and paste. I don’t even have any unfinished documents at this point, just a bunch of sticky notes on my desk for future topic ideas. See? I really am quite boring.

    1. Well…perhaps you’ll deem one or two of those sticky notes to be enough of a clunker to transcribe it into word, email it to me and I’ll throw it on the table in a week and we’ll see what happens.

      As for being boring, we’re both sitting in front of our computers on a Friday night – nuff said!

      1. True. As for sharing a sticky note, believe it of not, I’m too private and self-conscious for that. Hard to believe I’m able to blog at all. 🙂

  2. I like the concept of the blog garage sale. I’ve got a few old drafts that puzzle me. I have no idea what I wanted to write about in the first place.

    1. You sound like a great candidate. post some of those duds here or send them to my email, and I’ll stick them in the post. I’ve got 5 picked out, but may have even more a week from now.

  3. Interesting idea. I do have some unfinished drafts, but they are all geared to my blog format. If I think of something I can’t use, I will keep you in mind.
    As a matter of fact, I’ve dreamed of a story/blog post last night, but it was so absurdly random that I am still not sure if I should ever put that down as a draft.

    1. i get frustrated when I’m low on ideas, so I try to scribble down anything with potential. While some of them put down roots and become substanrtial enough to become posts, some just wither and become sadder.

      My fear with this concept is that no one will send me anything. I haven’t had much success so far “audience participation” blogs. The thought of asking for people’s input and getting none is nauseating to me.

      1. That’s what supposed to happen, some ideas must wither and die while others grow stronger. I’ve looked through my drafts, and there is nothing remotely like an idea for someone else’s post.
        However, if you are interested, I’ve found a whole post which I could do as a guest post on your blog, if you would be interested. It’s my standard 10-point list, but it’s about blogging, and I try to avoid meta-blogging on my own blog.

    1. Usually, the ones which are doomed for the “dud” category seldom consist of more than a sentence or two. I’ve never accidently published, but I did accidently delete one once. That was probably a blessing.

      So far this little call for entries is looking a little sad. That’s why I scheduled the garage sale for next Saturday instead of today as I had originally planned. I’m hoping some kind soul will feel my pain and embarrassment and send me a couple of their drafts to put on the table with mine (hint hint).

  4. Clever. I think I have about 90 drafts but I’m not quite ready to sift through them yet. I’ll definitely check back to sift through yours though. And, by the way, Depp is even more magical without the make-up. 🙂

            1. Dear heavens! With that kind of talk, I’ll lose! Better tell all your friends too, just to make sure! The link is on the border of my blog and in the comments section.

  5. I once wrote a eulogy for Gene Hackman. But it didn’t turn out very well. Someday I may tackle it again.

    1. Any major newspaper will tell you how important it is to get a headstat on obits.

      Seeing as you’re a mega fan of Mr. Hackman, I’,m sure you had to stop repeatedly to dab your eyes and take long walks…thinking, just…thinking…

      The response to this has been just what I expected, as far as people sending me their crappy ideas for the garage sale next week. I need to learn my lesson about audience pariticpation. I’m lucky if I can get people to vote for my dopey 7 Deadly Sins thing.

  6. What a hysterical and BRILLIANT idea! You are guaranteed to at least break even! Hahaha!
    I just noticed that you have a lot of tags. You won’t show up in the “reader” if you have over 15 in combo with the categories. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I wrote a post about it How to Break out of Jail and Other Useful Tidbits. It’s on the left side of my blog. Let me know if you have any questions…
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. 15 tags?! Really?!! That seems kind of dumb (It is wordpress – they have their moments). I was under the impression that if I had lots of tags, it would improve my hits from web ssearches, but I didn’t realize I was losing WP readers!

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