I Heard a Dirty Little Rumor…

Hey Followers!

I just read a rumor that if I have more than 15 tags and categories combined, then my posts doesn’t show up in the readers of my loyal followers!  If that crap is true, you people probably think I fell off the face of the planet, since my tags are usually about 5 words less than the entire post.

If you got my last post, on the Most Annoying Television Personality for Summer 2012 via your reader, please let me know, otherwise, I’m going to have to  start trimming down the old tags in the future.

I’ve been adding all the tags to try to get more hits from people outside of WordPress, because lord knows, it’s almost impossible to find new writers on there these days, except by looking for witty comments.

If you let me know in comments, then other people can see if this is true or not, and we can all try to rearrange how we do things.  The last thing I want to do is short-change my loyal followers. Feel free to go back and read the Annoying TV post – it’s way funnier than this is.

As long as I’m writing to you, I might as well make one last plea for votes on my sloth post in the 7 Deadly Sins series.  The link is on the right hand border of my posts.

48 thoughts on “I Heard a Dirty Little Rumor…

  1. I saw it both posts in my reader. Where I did not see either one was in the “Humor” topic in the WordPress reader. I never saw mine in “humor” either. I don’t know if that’s a problem with WP reader, or someone at WP headquarters thinks your and mine posts are not funny enough.

    1. Once upon a time, you could write well, and eventually people would find your stuff. To be honest, I think the best way to build readership these days is to comment well on blogs you like and hope someone enjoys your comment enough to investigate what you’re up to. It’s a rather circuitous route, but it’s better than nothing.

    1. I was really upset when I heard about the 15 tags, since I believe that my tags help people from outside of wordpress find my stuff (intentionally or otherwise). I’m happy to hear from you and others that it’s apparently not true.

    1. The second was just a panic because I was worried no one would see the TV piece. More importantly, my massive award show opus, with multiple photos and gobs of wit ranked a huge 4 likes.

      As if that’s not sad enough, it’s time for me to beg you to vote again. The second place writer must be calling relatives and going to the library to log onto public computers to pad her votes…

      i truly feel pathetic, but i can’t help myself

    1. Really?!…Me?!?…nominated by YOU?!?…I haven’t seen the nominations, but I’m already seriously honored.

      On a quasi-personal note, I’d love to pick your brain sometime about this whole writing thing. I won’t get into detail in this somewhat public setting (There’s sooo many people looking at my comments these days!).

      If you feel like it, please drop me an email at dlovett54@gmail.com If you’d rather not, no worries.

                    1. I won’t ask you about that if you don’t ask me about the cosmo made with Patron Silver. Shouldnt we be talking about literary stuff, or at least the word play on Willie Prader, Private Eye?

  2. I used to tag my posts with fun things like “blatant misuse of what a tag is supposed to be for” and “this is a tag” and “tag”. I miss the old me. Now I tag my posts with the most generic, basic tags ever (humor, life, family) — WordPress sent out something once about how they recommend no more than ten total combined tags and categories. I have no idea why?

    1. I’m still torn about what to do…while too many tags might hurt my exposure to word press readers, it seems to increase my exposure to people on the net looking for god-knows-what, but finding my post instead. I guess my next post will have minimal tags.

      1. Do tags really help with online searches and reader cultivation? I had no idea. I thought they were just cute little things we applied to our posts to amuse ourselves. I’m not being sarcastic here.

        1. You’re probably asking the wrong person. I’m too new to blogging to really have any idea. I go by what I think is happening, but I may be entirely wrong. On top of that, larger numbers of readers dont necessarily mean anything – as I’m not really sure if anyone is “getting” me (present company excepted)

            1. I’d be fine with a nice pile of money and a publisher…ha ha…i only have 70 followers, and I’m sure when I do have a few more, I won’t be feeling much better about it

                    1. I do actually cook pretty well..I’ll make you shrimp greek style with rigatoni and feta cheese…or my thai style chicken salad…say….i’m getting hungry

  3. They also say that if you use more than 3 categories then it won’t show up either. Ever since I read it, I’ve kept it at or under the minimum for categories and tags. Sometimes I’ll look and see if my post shows up. Most of the time they do, but sometimes not. Seems like just a roll of the digital dice if you ask me.

    1. The more responses I get to this post, the less I seem to know. The lack of a concrete answer is getting me all misty eyed and philosophical. I’m thinking the best thing to do is to just get back to writing posts about the things in the real world which amaze and/or annoy me and stop worrying about it. By the way, thanks for the follow – I’ll try not to let you down!

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