a moment

The dream was the same as always.

She was standing there next to a boat in the middle of the lake.  No shoes, no ripples on the surface.  The water wicked up the pink hem of her dress, turning it a duller, darker color.

She tilted her head and looked at me like a questioning child, though she was a grown woman.  A sliver of a smile crept across her lips for just a moment, though her eyes remained sad.

I woke with another headache.  The doctors had predicted the headaches, but made no mention of the dreams.

34 thoughts on “a moment

    1. Thanks Victor. It’s Julia’s 100 word challenge for grown ups. Had to use the phrase “I woke with a headache”

    1. glad you liked it. i fell off the 100 word challenge wagon months ago…it’s a nice change of pace

  1. Very nice…I’d enjoy it a lot more if I hadn’t (really) woke with another headache. Dammit. I’ll be re-starting the Deadly Sins series in just a bit…I always look forward to your entries.

    1. sorry to hear about your headache. i get those if i eat my ice cream too fast…

      looking forward to resuming the deadly sins – though i don’t have anything written (or drawn) yet for vanity

          1. I know….I mean, that’s what I’ve heard…Um, I mean…well…never mind. I always invite you to my events, Dave. Wouldn’t be a party without you…I need someone big and strong to scoop out my ice cream.

            If you want to know the honest-to-God truth, I have never tasted Ben & Jerry’s (shhhhh…don’t tell Lenore). I wrote that piece of fluff while staring at a flavor chart I pilfered from the interwebz…but I am no stranger to ice cream, or peanut butter cups or doughnuts.

  2. I like this. And the funny thing is that I woke up with a headache this morning. I still have it. A migraine that even a carafe of coffee hasn’t touched. That said, I liked the imagery and feel of the piece.

        1. I am a big fan of the dunkel. in fact, my Pacific Northwest nephew used to call me Dunkel Dave when he was but a tot….he’s a college man these days…where does the time go?

          1. I’m just making this up as I write…here goes…
            Time flies when you’re…..you’re…oh gawd…you’re….no help please…

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. As I wrote earlier, that 100 word limit keeps me from yammering on and on and ruining it.

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