Great Commercial Series – Cars.Com

Welcome to the second installment of the Great Commercial Series.

Today’s feature is the ad, with the singing second head.  The first, and in my humble opinion, best one of these is the one where a seemingly normal guy is talking to a car salesman, when a smaller version of him pops up from behind him singing about which car he wants.  The man is wearing a brown jacket and tan turtleneck.  His mini-head is perched on the top of an arm-like appendage which comes jutting out of his back.  The mini-head is wearing the same brown jacket and turtleneck – so adorable in an “Alien” sort of way.

Where exactly do you get a skinny brown jacket without arms?.. and sorry brudda, mini-me’s looks better than yours (Image from

The guy appears somewhat embarrassed by his micro-cephalic alter ego, which he introduces as his “confidence”.  The mini-me head has no regard for his larger twin as he dances around on his long neck and belts out his cocky, arrogant choices of cars in a soul falsetto (Considering the tiny size of his head, maybe the falsetto isn’t so false).

In another one of these ads, a woman with a massive bouffant hair style has a miniature version of herself emerge from her tresses and sing a Natalie Merchant kind of ditty about her desire for “this car, no no not that one”.  Recently a new one showed up with a curly haired guy playing a harmonica above the head and under the hat of his host.  While those commercials are good, neither one touches the first one for entertainment value.

The beautiful part of this ad is that everyone can identify with the little head with the desire to sing about getting what they want without any qualms.  We’ve all got a second head of our own, and we can hear them singing if we try.  They belt out “The long-line at the grocery store blues” or the heavy metal classic “Geriatric in the passing lane and your blinker’s on for 7 miles” and of course the rap classic, “You got something in your teeth, fool“.

Here’s a link to the commercial on Youtube.  Use the back button on your browser to come back to this blog to give me your comments and likes, or I’ll grow a second head out of my ear and give you another piece of my mind.

25 thoughts on “Great Commercial Series – Cars.Com

  1. “We’ve all got a second head of our own, and we can hear them singing if we try.”

    Try? I can’t shut her up. Sometimes she brings her girlfriends along. *raised eyebrow*

  2. I’m sure there’s some smutty joke to be made here about the head, but maybe it’s only me that thinks like that!

    That ad is a little bit creepy, but yes, funny! I like the salesman’s expression.

      1. Of course, “dumb” is highy subjective, but to me it doesn’t work on any level. I think the message they are sending is that you will feel empowered to kick butt on the car dealer after you are armed with all the knowledge you get from But having a dorky head come out and argue with you doesn’t look like empowerment to me. What I would like is some wimpy geek checking at home and then going down to the dealership, tearing the door off and kicking tires and butt. Then I’d get the message.

  3. I have to disagree with you. I love the bouffant chick the best. She’s absolutely mesmerizing. I can’t take my eyes off of her when that commercial is on. She’s kinda what would happen if Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch had a baby together. The kid would rule the fucking world.

    P.S. I’ve missed you. I took a blogation, but I’m back and, unfortunately, more sober than ever. Gah!

    1. A sober vegan with an incredible sense of humor?! there can only be one….by the way, i had to Google Rachel Dratch because I haven’t watched SNL since Belushi and Ackroyd were on it….I’m a fossil like that…

  4. Now see…this is why I need to watch TV. I miss all the funny commercials (so thanks for the link). I can’t help but think that the falsetto singing voice has everything to do with this being funny (and perhaps the tiny armless jacket). Without turning on the sound, I’m pretty sure I’d have nightmares tonight about a serpent in a turtleneck.

    Who are the ad wizards?

    1. I don’t know who the ad geniuses are who write this one, in fairness I should look it up and give them credit, but I’m too busy on whatever I’m doing that’s next.

      I was somewhat amazed by the many people who disliked the commercial. I think there are some people who just don’t like commercials no matter how good they are, because they’re still commercials.

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