A Briefs and Socks Announcement

It's me.  It's a Christmas card.  I got a million of 'em.
It’s me. It’s a Christmas card. I got a million of ’em.

This blog will be commandeered over the coming days by the Reindeer of the Icelandic Antler Club – or RIAC as they are known.  There will be 9 posts over the course of 9 days, each focusing on a different member of the club.  Each post will be short – no more than 243 words – but hard-hitting nonetheless.  This unprecedented hijacking of my blog is part of Blogdramedy’s Blogfestivus Torturama.

While I’m fairly certain that most everyone reading this is already sick to death of the holiday season, please note, the interviews with these seasonal flyers will be no-holds-barred, gritty, perhaps shocking expose’s – not the Bah-bwa Wah-wah powder puff pieces you’re used to seeing on TV.

You may find that your preconceived notions of these characters are shattered.  It’s time the facts came out.  Be warned, these reindeer will be pulling no punches when it comes to pulling a sleigh.  The mittens will be off and the truth will not be sugar-plum-coated.

You’ve been warned.   When the reindeer posts are complete, I’ll try to pick up the pieces and move this blog forward.  With any luck, no one will order a hit on me for messing with tradition.

(For you English majors out there, at no point will the non-word “reindeers” be used)

37 thoughts on “A Briefs and Socks Announcement

    1. Looking forward to having your company in this endeavor.

      I’ve got them half way scribbled, and I have to say, one in particular is the most outrageous, innappropriate thing I will have ever posted.

  1. As an English major, I don’t mind the use of the word “reindeer” but I am curious how you’re going to pull off the task of writing about reindeer without using the word.

  2. I’m intrigued as to what these reindeer have on their minds. And having just finished baking 9 dozen chocolate kiss Christmas cookies, I’m in the holiday spirit, so bring it on.

    1. Well…most of mine are going to be 243 words because I can’t write that few without going back and editing out the excess words, but one of the interviews was cut short. I won’t tell you which one, because I want it to be a surprise.

        1. I was really being a good boy about the 243, but then I added a bunch of words onto the end to put in everyone else’s links. I realized that I could have written 244 and probably gotten away with it.

          1. Lol…true that. And I don’t count the links, I mean that’s just like advertising, right?

            I wasn’t trying to be a stickler but I struggled with getting exactly 243 words and left out some really good parts (IMO). Interestingly enough when I wrote in Word Document it counted one more than when I simply wrote here on Word Press. So…what!

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