Comet Speaks Frankly

I simply adore these team portraits.  The spirit of collegiality and comradery takes me back to my prep school days.

I simply adore these team portraits. The spirit of collegiality and comradery takes me back to my prep school days.

Comet sits in a leather wing chair next to the hearth of a crackling fire.  A snifter of cognac in his left hoof.  He wears a tufted smoking jacket with reading glasses perched on the end of his snout.  On his crossed legs, sits a signed first edition of “A Christmas Carol”  He turns to us and speaks:

One might presume that a reindeer such as myself, whose primary vocation in this era involves pulling a sleigh, might be something of a luddite.  I can assure you, this  is simply not the case.  Admittedly, my profession  qualifies me as a beast of burden.  Our task, though laborious, involves flying without the assistance of jet engines or even flammable fuels.  It is unrivaled by modern technology.

In any case, flying through the skies in these modern times is not as simple as it once was.  A handful of years ago, our biggest obstacle was the occasional flock of geese.  These days the skies are crowded with everything from jumbo jets to country singers in ultra-lights.

The FAA saw fit to intercede. Our sleigh has been fitted with strobe beacons and Rudoph’s nose has been supplemented with right-of-way lights on his port and starboard sides.  The poor fellow has gone from being the star of the team to looking like a billboard for bad taste!

In any case, I’ve enjoyed this little interview.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to return to my reading.

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28 responses

  1. Hahahahaha! There is no doubt in my mind that someone named “Comet” would be sitting in a leather wing chair wearing a smoking jacket. Hahaha! Freaking hilarious and a much needed diversion from the news this morning.
    I look forward to these every day Point, they are GREAT!

    • Glad you’re liking the series.

      Those horrible events are weighing heavliy on us all. I’m aware that I’m neither a political commentator, religious leader nor mental health expert. As such, I’ll stick with what I know.

      There will be another reindeer tomorrow, for your reading pleasure.

  2. Love the cardigan. That is a cardigan, right? Probably has leather patches on the elbows. And what in the heck is he smokin’ in that huge old pipe? Prep school days – ah, yes…pledging, partying…that unfortunate hazing incident…

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