Cupid Confesses – Blogfestivus Series

I know I've got a problem.  I'm not proud.  I can't even say why I do these things.
I know I’ve got a problem. I’m not proud. I can’t even say why I do these things.

Most reindeer couldn’t say where things went wrong.  I can tell you every detail.

It was 1947.  We were on a steep roof on the outskirts of Nutley, New Jersey.  The big man was carefully making his way over toward the chimney.  We stood there waiting, trying to be quiet.  As he heaved himself onto the chimney, a brightly wrapped present fell out of his sack and skidded across the roof, I lifted my right front hoof and gently stopped it before it got past me.  I looked up at the fellas, hoping for an “Atta boy!” or a “Nice stop, Cupe!” but no one had seen it.

I turned back to the Chubster, but he’d already dropped down the chute.  I looked at the present.  The tag read “To: Salvatore – From: Santa“.  I made my fateful decision.  I picked it up and tucked it out of sight under the strap of bells on my neck.

Otherwise, the night was uneventful.  I had a few moments of guilt, but mostly spent the rest of the night wondering what was inside the wrapping paper.

It was a little metal car.  I didn’t spend much time thinking about the Salvatore kid.  I covered it with hay in the corner of my stall.  The next year it was a doll meant for Gertrude in Dekalb, Illinois.

Some years I don’t manage to take anything, but most years I do.  I’m not proud.  I just can’t help myself.


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24 thoughts on “Cupid Confesses – Blogfestivus Series

  1. Hahahahahahaha! The mystery of the missing skateboard from 1976 has finally been solved. Who wanted that anyway right? Cupid probably saved my some broken bones..right? No, dammit I wanted the skate board and a cast..thanks Cupe, thanks a lot!

    1. He never even used it. Just hid it in there with everything else. In his defense, it’s tough getting all four hooves on that little board, plus there’s not a lot of paved roads up in the North Pole.

  2. Oh, the shame! While y’all are checking on the rest of your missing toys, can you check on the Garfield doll I wanted to badly? Thank you. 😀

    btw … this might be good for a writing prompt, no?

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