25 thoughts on “Inspirational Poster Because I’m Too Lazy To Write Today

    1. It’s a rerun actually. I had several inspirational posters for Facebook which I included in a post a long time ago. I’m facing computer problems, inspiration problems and life scheduling issues which have conspired to keep me from getting any blogging done (It doesn’t help when other bloggers write incredible, touching posts – damn you!).

      Still, I wanted to put something up so people wouldn’t think I’d disappeared or skipped blogging to attend the Oscars.

      1. That is exactly what I thought you were doing – putting a tux on your twisted trunk to stroll the red carpet.

        I am so drained from yesterday’s post that I may take another week off. I understand perfectly about the scheduling issues. Hope you get the computer, inspiration, and everything else wrangled into submission.

        1. All things in time. I’ve actually been writing, just not sure what to do with what I’ve written. I’d post something about writing, but to do that on a writing site seems almost incestuous..

          1. I know – I’ve done some writing on the side, as well. Although on the side of what I don’t know. Just not stuff I am going to put in the blog. I think we all write about writing, sooner or later, though.

    2. I was going to say “I’m going to go out on a on limb…” but simply can’t do a pun-fest today. I’m smoking (meats) for a get together later. But I was tempted.

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