Time For Another Life Lesson

Lesson Number 1: Stay out of the sun. Lesson Number 2: Don't smoke cigars, even Cubans. Lesson Number 3: Wear dark sunglasses, you'll look slightly cooler.
Lesson # 1: Stay out of the sun.
Lesson # 2: Don’t smoke cigars, even Cubans.
Lesson # 3: Wear dark sunglasses, you’ll look slightly cooler.

Gather round, boys and girls, it’s time for old 1-Point to share his infinite wisdom with you on yet another one of life’s many topics.   I’m sharing my wealth of life experience on Speaker 7’s world famous “How To” Blog.  Click here to go there and be enlightened by yet another pearl of wisdom from yours truly.

Today’s lesson is technically for the males in the audience, but you ladies should go check it out as well.  That way you can be knowlegable and understanding when your man needs your support.

Girl please!  Don’t  get all self-righteous about it and say you’d rather skip it to go watch “The View”.  Let me point out a few things before you go.  Did we fuss about buying feminine products while you waited in the car that one time?  Okay, that’s a bad example.  Did we piss and moan when you wanted to watch “Dancing With The Stars”?  Well, technically we did, but it wasn’t fair for you to get mad at us for noticing how hot that chick from the Pussycat Dolls was.  Christ, I’ve seen strippers who wear more clothes…I mean, I’ve heard of strippers who wear more clothes, I wouldn’t actually know, because..you know…anyway – can’t we just move forward?  Click this link to see my opus on How To Go To The Urologist – Men’s Edition.  You might enjoy it – it involves manly discomfort and humiliation.

27 thoughts on “Time For Another Life Lesson

  1. Is that the full One-Point headshot? Is that a Cuban? Is there a glass of Scotch in the other hand? Were you hanging out with Bey-Z? Will all of this be answered in your guest post? Clicking the link to find out. . . .

      1. P.s. That’s aimed at Dave. Blogdramedy obviously has a sunglasses clause, as I have a “must be riding a playground sheep” clause.

          1. One of your posts you used the phrase “younger-old”….that’s a goal….(mine)…keeping ones-self younger-old. I may have to steal that phrase from you…..
            Oh…..I already have!

    1. You can only hope, right Vanessa? 😉

      As for you, One Point, there are an awful lot of female stereotypes in that last paragraph of yours. Well, okay, I DO watch ‘The View,’ but I DVR it and watch it while I make dinner for my men. Oh, God, I AM a stereotype…

    2. I saw Carrie’s post and mistakenly thoiught that she was commenting on my post. When I realized that I was mistaken, I felt terribly self absorbed, but then again, we were discussing a subject which I hold near and dear, figuratively speaking.

  2. Could I suggest another life lesson? “When taking a photo with a Cuban cigar, make sure the cigar is clearly visible so that you don’t look like you’re picking you nose”

  3. “manly discomfort and humiliation” as something to be desired? My, what a low opinion you have of those of us lacking the Y chromosome.

    Going over to check out your urologist exam. Er, you know what I mean.

  4. 1Point,
    By manly discomfort, you are referring to watching the creation of the universe segment of The Tree of Life?
    Le Clown

      1. 1Point,
        Go out more? Don’t go all crazy on me now… Everything you need is available from your QWERTY…
        Le Clown

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