Coming Soon – I Hope It Doesn’t Suck

In yet another example of brilliant people making questionable choices, I’ve been asked by yet another wildly successful blogger to write a guest post.  This time it’s the one and only Le Clown of A Clown On Fire.  He’s on another level of bloggers, his followers have followers.  He’s so successful, that he’s had to diversify in order to share his brilliance more effectively.  One of his blogs is called “The Outlier Collective”.  If you try to write a blog like I do, you just gasped quietly at what an incredible name for a blog that is.  If you don’t write a blog, you probably just took yet another step away from ever doing so, because you know you could never come up with anything remotely as cool as that for a blog name.

True to form, Le Clown’s also got a snappy “TOC” logo for it.  TOC, as we blogging insiders like to call it, is actually a collaborative effort between Le Clown and Mme Weebles, another superstar.  As if it’s not enough that Le Clown has additional blogs with stunning titles, he even collaborates with other supernovas of the blogging community!   Amazing, no?  Le Clown and Mme Weebles find worthy writers and toss them some fertile nuggets about which to write.  A few days later, the magic appears on tens of thousands of computer screens.

Then the unthinkable happened.  Le Clown actually asked me to write a post for The Outlier Collective.  I had to double check my email to make sure it wasn’t a blog version of the Mante Te’o scam.  I could just picture the cackling practical jokers looking at my eager email replies and falling over one another to try to come up with new and elaborate ways to make me look foolish.  Having had imaginary girlfriends for much of my youth, I knew the risks.

As a humble token of my appreciation, I would have included a link to Le Clown’s blog in this awkward post of self-deprecation, but at this very moment, his blog is unavailable for link-age because he’s in the middle of over-hauling it from a visual design standpoint.  That’s right; his old blog format was only really, really impressive, and he’s taken on the job of making it moreso.

Rather than link you to the post tomorrow, I’ll just re-blog it once it’s up, so that I can glom onto the snazzy new-look of A Clown On Fire.  Before you get all critical of my post tomorrow, please remember that it was not my idea to include my ramblings on his site.

By this time Wednesday, life should be getting back to normal.

38 thoughts on “Coming Soon – I Hope It Doesn’t Suck

  1. Dear Mr. Perspective, The only thing supportive that you are going to get from “LeClown” is a jockstrap. He also invited me to write a post for his “collective” series. Then he sent it back all marked up with red pen. BASTARD! I will never fall for his tricks again – – – unless he asks. Good luck dealing with this SOB. I hate him – – – most of the time – – – but he does give good coverage. He is nothing but a self-promoter – – – but if he promotes us along with his own work then it is OK – – – I guess, probably, yes – – – it is OK for sure, I think.

    1. I think the only thing worse than a red pen would be letting me post drivel and then having everyone see me for the blow-hard pretender that I truly am. Back in a flash, gotta go throw up.

    2. Waldo,
      I did keep a copy of your post. My 3yr old daughter uses it at her daycare, like she used the original one, to give papercuts to her friends. And you thought it was red pen…
      Le Clown

          1. I now have respect for Le Clown, I honor his image and am heartily sorry for having offended him, I detest all my sins of the past and the future, and of course for the possible loss of heaven and the pains of hell, I resolve to be a wise-ass no more. I will now make a good act of contrition and a novena – – – if I can find enough drywall.

  2. Congratulations! THE Le Clown asked you to write something! for THE Outlier Collective! (which I have open in the other screen right this minute on Greatsby post) And you’ve been working on this for 2 weeks now! This is going to be great!
    P.S. I know how to set up high expectations, don’t I? 🙂

  3. I leave and look what happens. You set a clown on fire and score an invite into the big top. Time to break out that red nose and pull a Barnum. (That’s circus-speak for wowing the crowd.)

    1. I’m getting more apprehensive about this entire affair. I’m thinking that I should have just posted it quietly and hoped for the best – now I’ve set myself up for disappointment or something. I wish my imaginary girlfriend was here to comfort me right about now.

      1. That’s called “International networking” Dramedy, darling! I facilitated hooking you up with a Canadian blog superstar while you explored in Italy and I sat battling allergies in Jersey! Too freaking glamorous!!

      2. How much did 1Point pay you to say that? I hope it was enough to retire on. (I’d normally insert an emoticon here but I know better.)

        I’d love to come over. Let me see if I can get some uninterrupted time on the Mister’s laptop…I’ll have to learn how to free-pour wine down the man’s throat.

        1. BlogDramedy,
          1Point doesn’t come cheap: I sent him naked pics of our cat. Send me an email at leclown at clownonfire dot com.This is great, and this is how witty as I get at 6:30AM…
          Le Clown

        2. Was there a bribe? Should I check the mail?

          My guess is that Le Clown is just as smitten with that single frame of sunglasses and that dainty nose as the rest of mankind.

  4. Of course you should be asked to guest blog! You are a witty and clever blogger yourself. I’m sure you’ll come up with something wonderful. As for your imaginary girlfriends, well, I guess it’s best I don’t go there…

  5. Dave,
    Well. It was the best day yet on TOC, and it’s only 4:40PM.
    I’m buying you a Hyundai.
    Le Clown

    1. I’d settle for an espresso and a shot of Strega.

      In all seriousness, it was a great exercise and a generous opportunity – and for that I thank you!

      PS – It’s nice to see that you and Wally are back on speaking terms. I’m a sucker for reunions!

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