Speak Lassie!

Well, here we are on day three already of this Dog Days of Summer  grindstone.  Sick of dogs yet?  Well, tough chew toys, because we’ve got another one coming your way right now.  Goes by the name of Lassie.  Enjoy it or keep off the furniture.

I thought I was just helping to keep him warm, I didn't realize I was spooning him and giving him a false sense of security.  (Image from texas fishing forum dot com)
I thought I was just helping to keep him warm, I didn’t realize that my spooning with him was giving Timmy a false sense of security. (Image from texas fishing forum dot com)

Timmy fell down a well” – Really? That crap again?

I’ve been working with a therapist for some time now. Spent a ton of money I really couldn’t afford. Don’t go thinking they let dogs in the Screen Actors Guild back in the golden age of television – ’cause they didn’t.

Anyway my therapist says I’m what you call an “enabler”. She says that me saving Timmy all those times just enabled him to keep living life like a reckless jerk-off; getting lost in the woods, kidnapped by escaped convicts or trapped in an abusive relationship with a gay biker named Otis.

I’m dealing with my own issues. Timmy is Otis’ problem now.

I’m not the only one writing about dogs, these folks are working hard at it too.  Don’t get emotional, it’s not like they’re pulling a sled across the Alaskan wilderness and sleeping out in the snow.  Click on them and see if I’m lying – my guess is that they’re probably up on the sofa again.


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19 thoughts on “Speak Lassie!

  1. When our dogs used to go berserk at imaginary things in the woods behind our giant tree house, we would go into conversations with them. . .

    Dogs: WOOF! WOOF!!! OMG, WOOOF!!!
    One of us, calmly: What’s that you say? Timmy’s in the well?
    (Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)

    We cracked ourselves up. The dogs didn’t share our sense of humor. Whatever.

    1. I often say that phrase, or also; “What’s that Timmy, Lassie fell down a well?” – often for no reason whatsoever to no one in particular. I fear there’s something wrong with me.

  2. “Timmy is Otis’ problem now.”

    I laughed so hard at this my kid came running in the room to ask what was so funny. Damn I wish I could tell her.

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