Three Heads Are Better Than One

It’s day 4 of Blogdramedy’s Dog Days of Summer writing challenge.  Today’s bow wow spotlight is on none other than Fluffy, the three-headed dog featured in Harry Potter.  A couple of disclaimers before we begin; I have this all written and ready to publish on day 3, and I’m hopeful there will be internet access on the rustic portion of the Oregon coast where I’ll be at this time tomorrow.  Also, I freely admit that I have never read any of the Harry Potter books, though at least a couple of my children are fanatical about all things Potter.  I did a 30 second Google search and started typing.  A three-headed dog in a British setting?  It’s only 110 words, how badly can I screw this up?

"Hey Clive, your breath is bloody frightful it is" (Image from squidoo dot com)
Hey Clive, your breath is bloody frightful it is” (Image from squidoo dot com)

Allo Guv’nuh!

So you know, I’m the only one of the ‘eads who can speak the Queen’s English. The two ‘eads to me left lack vocabularies beyond your standard growlin’ and snarlin’.

We each got our abilities, we ‘ave. Clive on the far left is really the best suited for licking our arse. It’s just as well, I’ve never developed a taste fer it meself. Teddy, in the middle, he excels at catching flies. Not much of a skill, that, but he’s right proud of himself when he gets one. Clive and me humor ‘im and make a big deal out of it.

Hey Clive! Give our bum a lick wouldja?


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9 thoughts on “Three Heads Are Better Than One

      1. Your post is actually one of the better accent offerings I’ve read. I once read a book where every Italian in it said something to the effect of, “I want-a to go-a to the bakery-a.” It was painful.

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