What’s In A Name?

Eddie liked to unwind when the cmeras were off, have a smoke and kick his paws up.  (Image from jackrusseldog dot net)
Eddie liked to unwind when the cameras were off, have a smoke and kick his paws up. (Image from jackrusseldog dot net)

It’s day five of this never-ending bloggy dog-themed death march. I know you’re tired of reading them, but it’s half done, so buck up. Skippy!  Today’s pooch is Frasier’s father’s dog, Eddie.

Here’s a little something to think about: There’s a guy. A regular working stiff, a cop actually. Somehow he has two brainiac intellectual snobs for sons, maybe because he gave them snooty, Ivy League names. He named one “Frasier” and the other one “Niles”. Niles?! Fer Chrissakes! You named a kid Niles?! How did you expect he’d turn out?

Makes me wonder who it really was who shot you in your ass, old timer.

The years proved maybe it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks.

He got himself a hot British physical therapist and an adorable Jack Russell terrier. He had the good sense to name the dog “Eddie”.

At least I’m not the only knucklehead doing this.  Having the rest of these folks along for the ride makes me feel a little less self conscious:


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1 Point Perspective – You’re clearly on the fence as to whether or not to christen me a creative genius.  This old post will help tip the scales either way.

31 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

      1. I’ll take Door No. One: Questionable Taste….something of which you may have first hand knowledge?(Sat.Mrkt.QuestionableChicken.) Congratulations….have been told to pass this along… Portland Tourism Board celebrates your initiation and rite-of-passage into “Foodie Heaven…or Hell.”

        Big Smiles….hear them?

    1. TV logic: In a setting with a dog, the dog is always the smartest one. In the event there is no dog, the woman is the smartest. In the event there is no woman, the child is smartest. In the event there is no child, woman or dog, the show will likely be cancelled before the second episode.

  1. My wife loves Frasier so so much. I don’t think there’s any other program that makes her laugh the way it does. I’m such a snob it took me a while to accept that something so *shudder* popular is actually very well written, and quite funny.

    1. It’s not always easy to accept that something popular can actually be quite well written. I think the key in the case of Frasier was that it mocked intellectuals, and that ended up amusing the common rabble in addition to those of us who considered ourselves brilliant enough to get the humor without being insulted by it.

  2. I never really considered how a normal-guy dad like that would end up with two foppish sons. Now my world is shaken. And we all know Eddie was the star.

  3. Never got into Frasier much. Maybe if I’d paid more attention to the dog, I would have liked it more. (ps I didn’t know you did needlepoint!)

        1. Darling! As you know from having my 1PP bio facts committed to memory, you know my dear mother is an actress. She’s been on Buffy as well as episodes of other shows, including The X-Files and Scrubs. She’s also been in quite a few movies, some of which I’ve actually seen.

    1. I’m not sure if his intent in naming them was ever discussed on an episode. If I had to guess, I’d say that he was a macho cop, who somehow wooed a socialite intellectual, who then named the boys after aristocrats before she either died or left him for the curator of a small but highly regarded museum in Portland.

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