Frankly Speaking

…and on the seventh day, he wrote about a pug. That’s right, the doggie du jour for day 7 of this seemingly endless challenge is none other than Frank, the loveable pug from Men In Black. Don’t worry about my never having seen a MIB movie, I’ll just wing it, again.


I don't like the way this jacket fits, I think it's just wrong in the shoulders, and it makes my ass look fat.  (Image from tumblr dot com)
I don’t like the way this jacket fits, I think it’s just wrong in the shoulders, and it makes my ass look fat. (Image from tumblr dot com)


Did you ever notice that people never try to dress up their Mastiffs or Rhodesian Ridgebacks in cute costumes? Big dogs like that get a free pass in the wardrobe department. Then you look at miniatures and we’re treated like freakin’ Barbie dolls.

Won’t be fun to dress Frank the Pug up like one of the Blues Brothers?

Does anyone care that I might prefer a simple collar over an FBI-grade tie with a Windsor knot? Fer crying out loud, I’ve got breathing problems as it is without having one of those fashion nooses cinched around me damn neck! Somebody call my agent and get Yvonne from wardrobe in here!

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16 thoughts on “Frankly Speaking

  1. I’ve been given strict orders never to dress Penny up. We did get her reindeer antlers one year and she wore them with a look of such “why am I in this sort of trouble?” sadness, that I never had the heart to try it again.

  2. Endless…holy jumping jelly beans. Do you know something I don’t?

    Funny how little dogs always have agents. I could do with an agent. But maybe my ass is too fat. I’d have to do a magic cleanse diet and I don’t own a juicer.

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