I Put The O.D. In Odiferous

Day 9 of the “My Dog Has Fleas” marathon is finally here. That can only mean one thing: it’s time for Odie, Garfield’s annoyingly upbeat buddy. Unlike so many of the other subject dogs, I actually knew who Odie was…or I thought I did.

You don't wanna know what that drool smells like (Image from protagonist dot wikia dot com)
You don’t wanna know what that drool smells like. (Image from protagonist dot wikia dot com)

It’s all about the cat, am I right? I’m just the optimistic boob who mugs for the camera; The Costello to his Abbott.

Cameras don’t stay on forever. Lights go out and everyone goes home. I’ll enjoy the yard then. When no one’s looking, I’ll roll in that dead possum like Donald Trump in a bed of hundreds. They’ll curse while they rid me of the delicious aroma.

I’ll get to the set early tomorrow. First break in the action, I’m sneaking over to the litter box in Garfield’s dressing room for a tasty nugget or two. In the next scene, I’ll take extra pleasure in licking his million dollar face.

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Let’s not forget me, the loveable but flawed 1 Point Perspective.  Click on my name for a surprise link to one of my gems from yesteryear.

6 thoughts on “I Put The O.D. In Odiferous

  1. That cat deserves all Odie can dish out. Garfield tried to send poor little Nermal to Abu Dhabi for chrissakes. He’s a monster.

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