Jip Jip Hooray

There's me in happier time, before my decline into the gutter.  (Image from pinterest dot com)
There’s me in ‘appier times, before me decline into the gutter. (Image from pinterest dot com)

The tenth and final day of the Dog days of Summer writing challenge is finally upon us. I had originally intended to write about my own dog Lucy, but I had this one about Charles Dickens’ dog-character Jip already done – so I’m going with it. For those of you who’ve already had enough dogs with British accents, I apologize, but it’s kind of tough to write about a Dickens character without one.

I found meself at the Thorn and Thistle Tuesday last. Sniffin’ around in the sawdust for scraps, I was. Suddenly, the chimney sweep and the cobbler start into fightin’. They spilled nearly two pints of special bitters on the floor. I’d had a few drops in the past, but this was a pond of ale layin’ before me. I did me best to lap it up without gettin’ stepped on by those pugilists.

Now that malty elixir is all I can think about. I’ve no interest in cat turds nor humpin’ legs. Find me a pub with a wobbly table and I’ll spend the rest of me days beneath it.

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20 thoughts on “Jip Jip Hooray

  1. I’ve always been partial to an English accent. You make me want to hike up my knickers and get them in a twist.

    Words can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed your version of BlogShorts. So use your imagination instead and limit the beer intake. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

    1. It’s been a pleasure (despite my whining to the contrary)…thanks for all your efforts in putting it all together…vacations almost over, then ill need more time to recover from it…

      1. Hope you recover and don’t discover any strange tattoos when you get back home. 🙂

        And *nudge wink* check in next month about when you’d like to post. BUT no pressure. Blogging is about the fun…not the aggggro.

          1. Let it be enough that yours is the first blog I have commented on in a very, very long time. I’ve been reading right along, but not commenting, and until today, not posting, either. Baby steps, baby. Baby steps.

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