Field Reporter?!

That’s right, folks!  I’m a bona fide field reporter for The Nudge Wink Report.

One of my first jobs as field reporter will be to find out what all these straps on my hat are for.  (Image from onthemedia dot org)
One of my first jobs as field reporter will be to find out what all these straps on my hat are for. (Image from onthemedia dot org)

Before you get too impressed, I should point out that NWR is a blog, and not a hard-hitting news magazine on a major TV network.  Still, when someone offers you a job, even a free one with no health benefits, it’s just hard to say no.  This is particularly true when that someone is the mysterious and talented wise-ass known to many as Blogdramedy.

She and I have collaborated in the past on the infamous “paint-color names” and “answering life’s difficult questions” posts.  I’ve also participated in a couple of her challenges, including the recent Dog Days of Summer as well as the Reindeer Hunger Games back around the holidays.  She recruited me to sign onto this new venture for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was my apparent inability to say to “no” to hot blonds in cool shades.

I can take solace in the fact that I’m not the only blogger who can’t refuse this siren of the blogosphere.  I’m joined by some incredible writers who will be taking turns posting their own warped views each Saturday morning.

The first Saturday morning I was assigned was the one at the start of a major 3-day holiday weekend.  Strategically, this works to my advantage, since many people are too busy trying to squeeze the last drops out of summer and won’t be sitting at their laptops sipping coffee.  This way when my numbers look bad, I can blame the holiday and not my mediocre post.

Hey, what’s she gonna do anyway?  Fire me?

So in addition to following me blindly here, I’ll be posting over there one Saturday every month.  I’ll try to remind you.  You can always reach The Nudge Wink Report by clicking on the icon for it on the right border of this very blog.  Okay, back to your regularly scheduled barbeque.

9 thoughts on “Field Reporter?!

  1. In honor of your first post on The Nudge Wink Report, maybe Blogdramedy will twerk for you. Dressed in sunglasses and a thong.

    1. Exactly! I’ve been encouraged to submit my expense report every month. There will be no reimbursement, but seeing how I spent my money may well provide some sort of entertainment for my boss.

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