A Plug For Myself

This is one of the photos used to illustrate my blog post on The Nudge Wink Report.  Isn't it freaking adorable?!  Go there, read it.(Image from noruffdays dot com)
This is one of the photos used to illustrate my blog post on The Nudge Wink Report. Isn’t it freaking adorable?! Go there, read it!   (Image from noruffdays dot com)

I realize I just shilled my mother’s appearance on How I Met Your Mother, and it was horrible, but trust me on this one – I’m fairly sure this time will be slightly less horrible  (For those of you who feel cheated to have watched a mediocre sitcom just to catch a glimpse of the mother of a blogger who you’ve never met, please comment your displeasure, and I will try to post a link to something good that she was in).

As loyal readers know, I’m a field reporter for The Nudge Wink Report.  This Saturday’s post is all mine, baby.  I nailed it!  It’s such a great post that I’m pissed that I didn’t post it here.  Still, a promise is a promise, and I had to post it there, because I gave my virtual word.

It’s easy to see my incredible post, just click on the link above.  For the computer illiterate among you, the link is the underlined thingy in the previous paragraph.  Just hover your curser over the words “This Saturday’s post” and left click.  Left is the side which is opposite the right.  Once you do that, the computer will magically take you to my post.  After you’ve read it, you are free to make comments as long as they are glowing reviews of my wit and whimsy.

10 thoughts on “A Plug For Myself

  1. I like that you explained the hyperlink concept for the techno-impaired. I’ve been putting (what I believed to be witty and fascinating) notes on my hyperlinks for a while now and no one has noticed.

  2. I actually right clicked the link and opened it in a new tab. I disobeyed, I hope that’s not a problem.

    P.S: Just how cool are you? No, really?!

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