Chapter One: A Ticket Out

Just a little something I cooked up for my obligatory contribution at the Nudge Wink Report. The boss is gonna be pissed when she sees I stepped outside the standard format and scribbled some fiction. She’ll get over it, especially if she ever expects to see what happens in Chapter 2.

The Nudge Wink Report

Oma and I sat in the employee lounge at the offices of NWR staring at each other.  Calling the cramped space a “lounge” was our boss-lady BD’s half-hearted attempt to try to create some sort of esprit de corps – it’s a small room off the hall with a missing door and no exterior windows.  The only thing on the wall is a yellowed calendar from an insurance agency that went out of business three years ago.  The seating options consist of two upholstered chairs and a flea-bitten loveseat.  An upside down milk crate topped with a ring-stained piece of plywood serves as the coffee table.  The seating appeared suddenly one Tuesday, smelling faintly of old lady and cat.  As a team of relatively intelligent field reporters, no one needed to point out that the arrival of the beat-up furniture coincided with trash day.

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