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So I wrote a post, as we bloggers often do.  It was moderately topical, insofar as it was about the hellish winter which is on the verge of kicking my sorry ass yet again.  I edited and edited.  I scanned the internet for pretty pictures to give myself some clever captioning opportunities as well as appeasing some of my less literate readers.  I shined that turd till it sparkled like a shiny turd.

It was time to hit the “Publish” button and wait for the accolades, or witticisms, or obscure comments which had no relevance to my post whatsoever.  It’s these comments where I get the satisfaction of writing the blog posts in the first place.  If I wasn’t interested in  prompt feedback for my creative efforts, I might as well just write novels or user instructions for Q-Tips.

I got a “like”.  Then another and another.  I got a little message from WordPress congratulating me on being here two years.  I waited some more, did some work on my other laptop, but still got no comments.  Finally, the little cartoon talk bubble lit up in the corner of the screen.  It was one of my dear blog friends, the only one I’ve actually met face to face for 30 beautiful seconds.  She was commenting on my “About” page to tell me that the comments were closed on my weather post.  Then Blogdramedy Tweeted me much the same message.

According to WordPress, I’ve hit the publish button 190 times in two years.  For reasons only the IT department can explain, this time my readers got the message that the comments was closed.  I went to my post and opened the edit option and found the comments open.  I made a comment on my own post, feeling like I was kissing my sister.  Still, my readers get the comments closed message.

Okay WordPress, you’ve pissed me off.  Before the weather post, I wrote a nice seasonal, amusing post on cheap Valentine’s gifts.  I had the nerve to foolishly hope that it might be Freshly Pressed.  Instead of watching my numbers soar from being FP’ed, I’m going to post this whiney piece of junk in hopes that readers can comment on it, if they can’t then I’ll have to really wonder why I would continue.

78 thoughts on “Comments Welcome

  1. Apparently, at the two-year mark, no more comments. It’s kind of a Hunger Games thing. It’s a shame, too, because I’m sure my comment was going to be my wittiest, most relevant comment ever and now the moment has passed. Sigh.

  2. I understand totally. I wanted to leave a comment about the polar vortex, etc., but now I forget what it would have been. WP did me a bad unexpected turn just a couple of days ago, too. All of a sudden, my background image went missing. Where did it go? Couldn’t imagine. I didn’t do anything that would have made it disappear! So, I got another one. You know what? WP did me a favor. I’ve decided to change my background (me, not WP) according to the holidays, time of year, weather, etc. Just whenever I feel like it. “Variety is the spice of life,” I think some deep thinker once said. Anyway, I’m so glad your “comments” is back. Congratulations!! 🙂

    1. I’ve toyed with the idea of changing my format. This is the only one I’ve ever had. I didn’t feel like tweaking it and running the risk of disorienting any of my 17 followers. Plus, I’m lazy.

  3. If all else fails (besides the comment function on your blog) at least now you know you have friends. One of them is very…extroverted…and comes with her own shovel.

    There is nothing wrong with second. NOTHING.

  4. I remember someone’s comments being closed. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to stop by.
    There are more than 80,000,000 bloggers out there. We are more likely to be struck by lightening!

  5. I’m so needy I freak when I don’t get comments.
    “Did I hit Publish? Maybe I didn’t post it right. What’s going on? Why is everyone commenting on HER blog? I’m so alone. Oh, it’s a slow night. Fuck this! I’m gonna eat some cookies. This is bullshit!”
    It’s never a glitch. Thank your lucky stars. I’m just unpopular.

  6. Hahaha, my posts were suddenly posting with comments closed as the default. I too waited for comments, but alas, they never came. I bitched to the WP gods and it was eventually fixed because my dumb ass kept forgetting to open them after every post. That would be okay, but my work computer doesn’t let me get to the dashboard to fix it once it’s published and it’s a pain on my phone. Wow, this comment makes you wish your comments were closed right now, right?? Lol.

  7. Poor you. And you seem like such a nice guy, Thanks for expressing your extreme neediness so we can all relate but pretend not to.
    I’m pretty new here. So tell me, how DOES one get “freshly pressed”…..

    1. I’d love to giver you the secret to being FP’ed, but to be honest, it has only happened to me once in 191 posts. The best thing to do is to forget that it exists, and try not to scoff at crappy posts you find there, because it will only make you crazier. For the record, I’ve also been “Freshly Pegged” which was a lot cooler.

      1. Great advice from a wise and funny guy. What’s ‘freshly pegged” about???
        When you have a minute, that is..

        1. Once upon a time, the great and powerful Peg, of Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings decided to start giving out her own award to who she felt were deserving bloggers. You should check her out at – she’s smart and funny and obviously has great taste! Tell her Dave from 1 Point sent ya!

  8. I’m guessing that Polar Vortex froze the comment section. I bet not one meteorologist predicted that, either.
    Another version is that WordPress assumed that you’d be celebrating your 2-year anniversary (congratulations, by the way!) and would leave drunk 3 a.m. comments that you would later regret.

      1. And they inspired you to write another post – and you get comments here, so it’s also a plus. I’d say that you’ll probably get more comments on this post than on your average one, because WordPress shenanigans is a topic that’s near and dear to every WP blogger’s hear. More so than the weather, cause, face it, we probably don’t get out as much as the rest of the population. 🙂

    1. Glad you liked it. I thought that WP would FP that one, since it was all helpful and Valentine-ish. I don’t think they will if they see all my whining about the comment box. Let’s face it; I’ve had my single Freshly Pressed moment, and it won’t likely be repeated.

  9. If you edit the post, and scroll down on the edit page until you see a box titled “Discussion” that has two boxes, “Allow Comments” and “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks”, is the “Allow Comments” box checked? If it’s unchecked, then you should be able to turn comments back on by checking that box and saving the post.

    If that’s not it, it’s probably some sort of evil curse.

    1. It’s their loss. With no comment box on my post, people will soon tire of WordPress and go back to surfing the web for free Nordic porn sites, taking their bit-coins, bit-bills and bit-creditcards with them.

  10. That’s massively irritating. Now I’ve got to leave a rant comment instead of the hilarious one I intended to leave on your other post. An apology would be nice, WP!

    1. Careful, we don’t want to piss them off, there’s still hope for my Cheapskates Valentine’s post to get FP’ed tomorrow. Also, I have some Powerball tickets in my car which I’ll check once I dig it out of the snow.

  11. After reading this, I had to go read the other one. So count this as a comment for both good sir. You told that polar vortex what it needed to hear. Sometimes it’s the only way they learn.

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