Chapter Two: Doing The Legwork

A little something I wrote for my slave driver boss BD, over at the Nudge Wink Report. Why not be a sport and read it and maybe leave me a nice comment. Feel free to check out Chapter One too, there’s a link at the end. I went to a lot of trouble to make this crap up and draw a picture of a Dirty Mohican with extra capers, the least you clowns could do it spend a couple of minutes reading it. Who knows, maybe in Chapter 3, we’ll find out more about the mayor and what exactly goes in a Dirty Mohican in the first place.

nudge. wink. report.

Illustration by the authorIllustration by the author

BD flew into the offices like a small, well-dressed tornado.  She had supermodel looks and pit bull intensity.  If Prada made spiked choker-collars, she’d look incredible in one.  She stopped in the doorway and threw me a look of annoyance.

Where the hell are Oma and Tom Tom?” she snapped, gesturing toward their vacant desks.

They’re not here.” I stammered, immediately regretting opening my mouth.

She gave me a look comprised of equal parts pity and disgust.

Listen Pointless, just ’cause I wear dark shades doesn’t mean I’m freakin’ blind – I can see those two shit-birds aren’t here.  I’m trying to build a mother-humping blog here and empty chairs don’t write funny posts.

BD had the habit of screwing around with people’s names.  The range of name varieties was usually a pretty good indicator of how pissed she was…

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