Does Anyone Else See This, Or Am I Hallucinating?

I went to look at a couple of my favorite blogs just a few minutes ago.  The first one had a photo early on, because successful writers know how important it is to give us pretty pictures before they bombard us with the wordy things.  There was some sort of ad which popped up on the image, but I ignored it, since I was already starting to read.

It's almost that time of year, so my old sketch of the Easter Bunny at the bar in the Florida panhandle seems timely enough.  With the bottom third covered by an ad for jerky dispensers, you won't see his deftly drawn feet or more importantly, MY NAME!
It’s almost that time of year, so my old sketch of the Easter Bunny at the bar in the Florida panhandle seems timely enough. With the bottom covered by an ad for jerky dispensers, you won’t see his deftly drawn feet or the checkerboard tiles of the bar.  Illustration by yours truly, and it better not be obscured!

When I started reading the second one, also with an early photo, I noticed the same ad popping up on the image.  This blogger, who writes wickedly funny posts, had gone to great lengths to find the perfect picture to lure us in.  Unbeknownst to her, the bottom third of the image was covered by an ad.

I looked at the ad this time, just to rule out it wasn’t some cool funny thing that people were putting over their blog illustrations.

In order to keep the WordPress Gods happy, I won’t discuss the actual name of the company, but I can’t help but describe the service it provides, because it’s quite possibly a harbinger of the end of days.  The ad is for an app which allows pet owners to watch their pets from anywhere, presumably with smart phones, tablets or pc’s and even dispense treats from afar.  Personally, I think this is ridiculous (However, if they come up with an app that picks up dog dookie from the back yard, they’ll have my attention).

Like many people, I sit around wishing I could come up with “the next big thing”.  I long to escape from beneath the giant thumbs of my work oppressors and bask in the glow of my creative genius.  Somehow though, the incredible breakthrough ideas never come.  Then again, if the notion of inventing a remote spy-cam for Labradoodles complete with liver-based treat dispenser ever popped into my head, I would have dismissed it immediately and vowed to give up spicy food before bed.

Maybe I’m just not the entrepreneurial sort.

I am, however, the creative sort.  I write these blogs and occasionally illustrate them.  I can’t begin to tell you how furious I’m going to be if the drawing I put in the beginning of this is partially obscured by an ad catering to people who are too busy to own pets.  I can only imagine how outraged Andy Warhol would have been if some website put an ad for Campbell’s Soup over the top of one of his masterpieces.

Please be good readers and let me know if there’s an ad over (part of) my original artwork.  Don’t lie and say there is even if there isn’t just to get me all riled up – it’ll take more than a crunchy meat flavored treat to turn that around.

You take the espadrilles out of this one and it's nothing but the shallow end of a pool.  You also lose my name, which I proudly stuck in the corner.  Gimme credit WP.
You take the espadrilles and dandelion out of this one and it’s nothing but the shallow end of a pool. You also lose my name, which I proudly stuck in the corner. Gimme credit WP!



37 thoughts on “Does Anyone Else See This, Or Am I Hallucinating?

  1. I don’t see anything. Some people sign up to give advertisers access to their blogs in return for what I’m told is a very small fee. Maybe the blog you were looking at is one of those?

  2. Yeah I feel like a lot of this ad stuff happened when I was gone. So this is new for me. Stupid. You’d think there would be a little thought put into the execution. But I guess not.

  3. I’ve only noticed ads at the bottom of people’s posts, never over their images. I pay the small annual fee to avoid ads, so there better not be any on my posts. Wish I could say the same about Facebook. Arggh, that site is getting on my nerves.

    1. I didn’t see it on yours, but after a while, I got tired of looking for it. I guess I’d be a little less troubled by the appearance of it if it was an ad for something a little more important to society, like say, a nail polish that won’t chip or protective screens for frying food.

  4. I haven’t seen them obscuring pictures no, what an outrage! I wouldn’t be pleased with that, I’m going to keep a lookout for that. Have you checked the forums to see if others are speaking of this? Excellent drawings by the way, I had no idea you were such an artist!

  5. Dave, I should have read this before I went to the Forum this morning to ask what in tarnation that was? The WordPress guy said it was a test run of a new ad company and they were looking for feedback. I said me-no-likey over pictures because it can ruin the effect. They removed it from my site.

    Over YOUR pictures, it would be plain-old sacrilegious.

  6. I’m sorry. I missed most of this because I was stuck back at the beginning. Did you really draw that rabbit. If so, my man, you have missed your calling. Witty words and wicked cool pictures? You should be a cartoonist. Or, all you already and I missed that along the line somewhere, too?

    1. I’ve drawn stuff now and then to illustrate my posts, but drawing takes too much time, and doesn’t always show up well due to my cell phone camera shots. I posted once with a bunch of my drawings in it…i’ll look for the link for you.

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