My Resume Is The One With The Gravy Stains

The NFL coaching job fell through, so I’m throwing my resume around for another gig entirely. My fondness for all-things fried should give me the inside track.

nudge. wink. report.

I’ve noticed a good many openings in the job market just now, and I’m not talking about summer work for college students selling Grit subscriptions door to door.  These are some high paying positions with opportunities for advancement and significant media time.

There are few better ways to get my application considered than by posting it on a world famous blog with tens of thousands of influential readers seeing it every day.  Sadly, only Ben Affleck has editorial access to his blog, and these days his best work seems dedicated to kissing Tom Brady’s ass and whining about Deflate-Gate.  That being the case, I’ll post it here.

Using a blog platform to attempt to springboard into consideration for some sweet employment may be passe’, but I just can’t get the hang of the Insta-Twitter.  As my most loyal readers may recall, I blog-applied for the head coaching job of the New York Jets in a post…

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