I’m Back ?!

As long time followers know, it’s been a long damn time since I’ve written anything on this blog.  My excuses are many, and none of them are worth the precious time required to discuss.  The important thing is that I am back.


Did you miss me (Did you even know I was gone)?  I apologize.  It’s like I’m one of those Dads who goes out for a pack of smokes and doesn’t turn up until 19 years later when Mom wins the lottery or junior is a first round draft pick.

oregon bent tree 1
My apologies for using old pics from previous posts, but I wanted to publish this before it got too stale. Photo and inspirational idiocy by the author

Back when I was blogging like a fiend, I was a self-admitted whore for likes and followers.  As the numbers plateaued and the same three people liked what I wrote, the buzz was wearing off.  Now I’m back, and to be fair, it is partly because of my metaphoric lottery win.  No millions in cash to leech onto, no kid in the big leagues, just you, my handful of patient readers.

When you’re done watching everything you can on Netflix*, the news makes you break out in hives, and you need a moment to get away from your quarantine mates – you’ll come to me, and welcome me back into your worlds without so much as a peep about why a pack of Marlboro Lights took me so long to find.

As for my personal quarantine, I’ll say this and this only: My people are safe and healthy, my food supplies are sufficient and I have more than enough home brewed beer to last me.

I just wanted to say hello, and to let you know that I’ll be turning out some fiction in the weeks/months to come.  My penchant for poking fun at the insanity of our times has officially become easier than falling off a log as well as painfully depressing, so I’m leaving that to others.

I hope you are all well, and look forward to writing something more.



*”The Tiger King” is viewing gold.  Every episode, every minute. As the saying goes, you can’t make this shit up.



16 thoughts on “I’m Back ?!

  1. I was just thinking of some of my old bloggy buddies. I should probably try writing again…I’m turning old, cranky and so cynical I can barely stand my own company, which these days is not a good thing.
    Glad you and yours are well and safe. Look forward to reading more, maybe some art work? I hung my Easter bunny print up the other day, cracks me up!

  2. I wondered whether you gave up your blog. Really missed it. Look forward to reading your “words of wisdom”. We are all safe, healthy, and have ample supply of food. Would love to try your beer sometime if you are sharing.

    1. Darling! Just finished first dog walk of the day. Just in case you are wondering, yes ZZ never disappoints In consuming doggie waste plastics. Once home I could barely get my wellies off, wool socks pulled up to my knees, flannel hat covered in dog hair because I washed it with one of ZZ’s blankets, rain jacket unzipped and hung on the peg reserved for wet drippy apparel, eye glasses recovered from that spot I usually leave them but for some reason didn’t this morning…two hours later but still in a snit to read your coming out party…I’ve now forgotten what the rush was…is. R.

      1. Darling, darling….my first comment (above) (upon a re-read) sounded, looked like, seemed to mean…I wasn’t enthralled to have you back in my life sans barn, shovel or boots. ‘Tis sooo not true. How many ways to explain what I really meant whilst stripping off dripping clothes and prying off muddy waders in an attempt to redress prior to freezing?
        1. No words. 2. Expect you to read between the lines, and 3. my lovely mind. Owe you a hug. Later.

  3. So, basically, you’ve been forced to come back here due to the complete lack of acceptable entertainment options on Netflix, at home, and outside.
    But you know what, I’ll take it. Hoping this pack of Marlboro Lights will last you a few more years.

      1. I pretty much use the same logic, except I don’t even bother to announce it. I’ve disappeared for half a year or longer, then posted something without any explanation, and then disappeared again. Some people would announce blog breaks, I’m just stepping out for a pack of 20 (or 10 in my case) and come back whenever.

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