Last Impressions

If you don't carefully you might not see it at all.  (Image by the author)
(Image by the author)

The hallway serves its purpose.  People walk through the brightness of the large windows on both sides.  Some glance out to see what the weather is like or take a quick scan of the lot to see which of the powerful have filled their reserved parking spots.  Others walk through so wrapped up in their days that they fail to notice the world beyond the glass at all.

Birds are sometimes fooled by the reflective glass on bright days or the illusion of a clear path to the other side at twilight; their moments of impact seldom seen or heard by the people inside.  The images are left, in the oils and dust each bird carries on its wings – pressed suddenly onto the glass in fine detail.  An instant of flight and graceful freedom captured in the faintest of prints.  The image of the bird held in suspended animation until the next rainstorm or custodian’s rag.