Valentine’s Gift Ideas For The Terminally Cheap

It's that time of year again, gentlemen.  You'd better get going on the gifts, or that plaque in the cononal arteries is going to be the least of your problems.  (Image from wikipedia dot org)
It’s that time of year again, gentlemen. You’d better get going on the gifts, or that plaque in the coronary arteries is going to be the least of your problems. (Image from wikipedia dot org)

As I sit down to write this, it’s already the 9th of February.  There are only 5 days left before we dudes need to bestow gifts upon our sweethearts (4 days if you want to watch the Olympic mixed-doubles curling quarter-finals tomorrow).  Sadly, it’s also the time of year when we guys must face certain financial realities, such as:

A) The credit card bills are in and once again we’ve over-spent for Christmas/Chanukah/Pagan Winter-Solstice Goat Roast.

B) We are not getting near the tax return we had anticipated this year, largely due to our not having really made any money in the first place.

C) Our sure-thing Super Bowl bet taking the “over” on how many times Peyton Manning would call “Omaha” didn’t work out so well.

Fear not, loyal readers – Romeo One Point is here to give you lots of ideas for inexpensive gift options.  These gems will have your special lady feeling like a million bucks, without your having to lift any cash from her secret sock-drawer stash to subsidize them.

Be careful using the quill and ink mister, or you'll get ink all over your lacy sleeve!(Image from lazytechguys dot com)
Be careful using the quill mister, or you’ll get ink all over your fancy lace sleeve!  (Image from lazytechguys dot com)

Poems : The ladies love poetry.  The good news is that hard-core literary types assure me they don’t even have to rhyme.  Romeo One Point Helpful Hint – Avoid poems with references to Nantucket, Dallas or Dundee, even if you and your special lady have some special connection to these locales.

You could download something online, but I prefer a more personal touch that only an assorted box of crayons can bring.(Image from homemadegiftguru dot com)
You could download something like this online, but I prefer the more personal touch that only an assorted box of crayons can bring.  (Image from homemadegiftguru dot com)

Gift Card for Sensual Massage: – These are great!  Put it on a piece of card-stock and try to make the printing legible.  Romeo One Point Helpful Hint – Avoid using expiration dates – there’s a good chance she’ll lose the card or write a grocery list on the back of it before she’ll ever redeem it.  Bonus Hint – Avoid the phrase “Nudity Required” – It sends the wrong message.

Just flip it over to the blank side, and let your creative freak flag fly! (Image from Etsy dot com)
Just flip it over to the blank side, and let that creative freak flag fly! (Image from Etsy dot com)

Homemade Cards: These worked great back in grade school.  If you don’t have any lacy paper doilies laying around the house, a few coasters from the local diner will work great.  Fold them in half, then cut them in sort of a comma shape.  Unfold it and voila; a heart!  Now do the same thing a little bigger with a piece of red construction paper.  If you don’t have any red construction paper, try using the envelope from the last Netflix delivery.  Glue the small heart onto the red one, making sure to cover the Netflix logo.  For a special touch, use a crayon and worse spelling than usual to scribble your sentiments on it.

I'd advaise you to cover the entirew pretzel with chocolate otherwise she'll know they're those oat bran ones.  (Image from sallysbakingaddiction dot com)
I’d advise you to cover the entire pretzel with chocolate otherwise she’ll know that you used those oat bran ones. (Image from sallysbakingaddiction dot com)

Chocolate Covered Pretzels (without a trip to the grocery store):  Most of us have some chocolate laying around.  I myself uncovered several Hershey’s Kisses in the cushions of the sofa just yesterday and most of them still had the outer foil intact.  You’ll also need some pretzels.  Pretzels are a little harder to come by in most male domains, but there may be a bag of those nasty “healthy” ones in the back of the cabinet.  In an ironic twist, they were originally bought for you by none other than your valentine herself, back when she was trying to get you to go on that gluten-free diet.  Melt the chocolate in the microwave or a double boiler (whatever that is), then carefully dip each pretzel in until it’s covered.  Arrange them on a clean plate and serve with plenty of beverages.  Talk about your poetic justice!

As if it isn't enough to dedicate a blog to her, imagine how excited she'd be if the post got Freshly Pegged! (Image from the incredible Peg-O-Leg's Ramblings)
As if it isn’t enough to dedicate a blog to her, imagine how excited she’d be if the post got Freshly Pegged! (Image from the incredible Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings)

Dedicating A Blog Post:  This one is a slam dunk.  Proclaiming your true loving feelings by dedicating a blog post is the modern equivalent to shouting it from the mountaintops, without all that difficult climbing.  Romeo One Point Helpful Hint – If your blog posts are usually about video game strategies or debating the validity of whether a real pizza can have pineapple on it, you might want to consider a different topic for this one post.  Your readers will understand, they’ll probably wish they had thought to write a cool blog post and dedicate it to their special someone (assuming they’re not a bunch of single losers who live in their parents’ basements and don’t have special someones).

Anonymous Salutation in the Rants and Raves Section of Craigslist: Let’s face it, not all guys are good enough writers to write their own written blogs writing, like I can write!  No problem, fellas – Just go to Craigslist and tell the local region how great your lady is!  Romeo One Point Helpful Hint – Be sure NOT to put your special gal’s name or picture in the post.  I know you’re crazy about her and want to tell the world, but trust me on this one.  Besides, by keeping it anonymous you can always take credit for a better salutation if the opportunity arises.

I hope I’ve given you guys some great ideas.  I’ve got a bunch more, but I’m running out of time in the gift-creation department myself.  After a pretty thorough scavenger hunt, I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a single pretzel left in this damn house – I’ve looked everywhere.

I dedicate this blog post to my lovely, long suffering special lady.  Without her unconditional love, support and guidance, I’d be lost in this world.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby!  You’re the greatest! (The homemade gift card is in the mail – No nudity required).

Great Commercial Series – Chevy Camaro Graduation Gift

Sometimes, commercials aren’t just ads for products, sometimes they’re entertaining funny little 30 second stories. (Image from

You’ll likely recall this one if you ever saw it.  A dopey high school senior gets a graduation gift from his parents.  The gift is a sad little dormitory refrigerator which Mom and Dad have festooned with a ribbon.  The gag is that it’s sitting in front of a shiny yellow Camaro convertible.  The kid, who we’ve already pegged as a little dopey, sees the car and mistakes it for his graduation present.

While the premise of the ad is simple, it speaks to us on many levels.  As parents, we realize that our ideas of gifts, while grounded in the necessities of finances, may not jibe with the preferences of our kids.  There is also a certain common sense to the parents’ choice of a dorm fridge – you graduated from high school, Tommy and you were lucky to get into a state college.  Those two facts merit a small appliance, not a muscle car.

We can recognize the unrealistic nature of youthful optimism.  Kids clearly have little if any idea about the cost of a brand new car.  The neighborhood setting of this comic tableau is decidedly middle class.  This is where working people live, not the rich folk who would possibly buy their child wildly generous gifts for fairly pedestrian achievements.

The commercial succeeds because the incredible high of a cool new car is not lost on any of us, despite the fact that we will have to deal with payments, insurance and higher and higher gas prices.  Mr. Johnson, the neighbor who the car actually belongs to, understands these things, but he is still financially solvent enough to be able to go play a round of golf.  The director cleverly leaves out the potentially awkward act of Johnson putting a full bag of golf clubs into the trunk of the Camaro before he drives off.

This commercial works for me because it speaks to so many things which have nothing to do with a Camaro.

Alright, enough of these commercials, I’ve got featured presentations to write about.