Why Rudolph Seldom Does Interviews – Blogfestivus Series

Damn paparazzi!  Rudy should have worn a hat with those dark glasses.
Damn paparazzi! Rudy should have worn a hat with those dark glasses.

To: 1 Point Perspective

Memo: Pre-Interview Guidelines

Per previous discussions, please adhere to the guidelines for the interview.  To summarize the critical points:

  • Mr. Rudolph will not entertain requests to light his nose during interviews – not even a little blink.  Please do not ask.
  • No mention may be made of Burl Ives, or his allegations of Beacon-Beak Enterprise’s alleged financial improprieties.
  • Any questions regarding the stag film “Red-Light District of the North Pole” of 1976 will result in immediate termination of the interview and legal action to suppress.
  • Discussions of the Island of Misfit Toys subdivision and time-share profits by the Scarlet Honker Limited Partnership are stictly forbidden.
  • Any discussion of Mr. Rudolph’s possible use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber will result in immediate cessation of the interview.
  • Any discussion of the ongoing legal action regarding the author Suzanne Collins is forbidden.  Mr. Rudolph and his legal advisors believe that “The Hunger Games” is clearly based on “The Reindeer Games” and as such is in clear violation of intellectual property laws.
  • Any unauthorized use of the Flying-Red-Nose logo is strictly forbidden.
  • Mr. Rudolph does not give autographs at any time.  His hooves are not pen-friendly.
  • Any reference to the pending class-action lawsuit against the “Yukon Cornelius Camp for Wayward Boys” is strictly forbidden.
  • Mr. Rudolph denies any knowledge of Lindsay and Dina Lohan’s alleged Nordic tattoos.


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