A Quick Note About Tonight’s Programming

I hope her scene doesn't get cut (Image from ovguide dot com)
I hope her scene doesn’t get cut (Image from ovguide dot com)

I don’t usually do this, but…what the hell.  Tonight’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS will feature an actress who some of you may recognize as my mother.  She’ll be playing the part of an older lady.  If there are multiple older ladies in tonight’s episode, I promise to post something later to describe which one she played.   This is relevant to my blog because:

A)  She’s my mom – Duh!

B) She’s been featured in a few of my posts and will likely be featured in a few more – so your having a visual of her will enhance the reading experience, right?

C) CBS needs the ratings so maybe they’ll appreciate my efforts.  This may lead to their creative people taking a look at my idea for “America’s Next Top Mortician”.

Enjoy the show!

20 thoughts on “A Quick Note About Tonight’s Programming

  1. You must take after your Dad ’cause your Mom is adorable. *grin*

    Of course, by that I mean…you’re so handsome!

    Sadly, I don’t have cable tv so if there’s a way to YouTube it, please post the video.

  2. Status update: I’m 9 minutes into the episode and I’m realizing why I never got around to watching this show in all the years it’s been on – Wow…this is…umm…well…this is not a show I would watch under any other circumstances.

  3. 18 minutes in, she made her appearance as Aunt Muriel in the pink jacket. For those of you keeping track, that means there’s only 12 minutes left. Too much Neil Patrick Harris, not enough Mom for my tastes so far.

  4. This is seriously so cool! Your mom is so badass and an inspiration to us all. I need to know if she was always into acting or if it is something she decided to take on after all of you finally left the nest.

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