Donner : A Barrel of Laughs – Blogfestivus Series

Oh Jeez!  Blitzen's gonna sit on the whoopee cushion!  This is gonna be rich!
Oh Jeez! Blitzen’s gonna sit on the whoopee cushion! This is gonna be rich!

Is it so wrong to wanna have a little fun?  People need to lighten up!

Fat boy told me I’m on thin ice.  He threw my permanent record on his desk.  The file was as thick as a brick!  I’d forgotten about how meticiulous they were about write-ups.

Take a look” he said.  “This folder goes back to 1973, I can get out earlier ones, but you get the idea.

It looked like every one of my practical jokes for the last 40-odd years was accounted for.

Once, on the Island of Misfit Toys, I put Charlie-in-the-Box under an ice shelf.  That weasel popped out and clunked his head till he saw stars!  I might have gotten away with that, but I was trying so hard not to laugh that I left some yellow in the snow.

Another time, I slipped laxatives into the reindeer chow right before the big night.  Holy crap was that ever funny!  Duluth took the worst of it – no white Christmas that year!  The news media blamed it on jetliners, but we knew better.  I guess my constant giggling and being the only one without the Hershey squirts was damning evidence – that and my insistance on being in the front of the formation.

So now I’m on probation.

I stopped on my way back from Tubby’s office and took the smoke bombs out of the sleigh.  I may have to wait awhile before I’m able to use those.


Ladies and gentlemen!  I present to you, my fellow Blogfestivus writers.  Watch carefully as they perform death defying feats!  Just kidding, they’re mere mortal blog writers.

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13 thoughts on “Donner : A Barrel of Laughs – Blogfestivus Series

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Tomorrow’s will be over the line – but that’s the way it is when you strip away the public veneer and get down to the real nitty gritty of who these antlered icons REALLY are.

  1. Was that Duluth, Minnesota? My husband’s family is from around there. I’ll have to ask them about that “brown Christmas.” Too funny!

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