Toto – I’m Ready For My Close-Up

This is day two of Blogdramedy’s BlogShorts, a short-story writing challenge. It spans ten days, includes ten short stories, each a mere 110 words. This year’s theme: The Dog Days of Summer. The hound-du-jour is Toto from the Wizard of Oz.

Her vocal stylings and acting really complimented my yapping and panting.  (Image from abcnews dot go dot com)
Her vocal stylings and acting really complimented my yapping and panting. (Image from abcnews dot go dot com)

Those little people creeped me out – big time.

Every chance they got, they were picking me up with their stubby little hands, petting me and tugging on my ears. I was trying to focus on my lines and motivation for a supporting role in what was going to be a classic film, and these weird little gnomes kept touching me.

I finally reached my limit and nipped at one of them. The cretin dropped me like a bad habit. Luckily it was a short trip to the ground and I was uninjured. I caught a glimpse of my understudy, a Dachshund named Angus, licking his chops, hoping for his big break.

The following blogs have also pledged to participate – hopefully none of them have injured themselves by falling off the couch while trying to lick their own private parts.



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30 thoughts on “Toto – I’m Ready For My Close-Up

      1. Gah! I am at my desk at work and my company’s fun-filter lets me comment, but won’t let me Like a post. I’ll check back in from home this evening. Don’t lose hope!

          1. I only get a ton of hits if I include the term NEW ENGLAND in my posts. Apparently people are more interested in where I live than what I say. I wonder if that would still be true if they could hear my accent?


            1. That’s the reason I rarely put New Jersey in my posts, as it tends to keep people from reading it. They don’t mind driving through it on their way to someplace else, but no one wants to read about it.

  1. I’m sorry 1Point, but this was not your best effort. Don’t be discouraged as u r an incredible satirist (sp?).. Maybe I missed it, but for PC crowd … Well, just sayin

    1. Pardon my cynicism, as many spam commenters have taken to being negative in order to generate replies from bloggers. A closer look at your web credentials has me thinking that I may have gone to high school with you. In any case, sorry you felt this was a sub-par effort. I’m not usually limited to 110 words and The Wizard of Oz is not required viewing in my house.

      1. Dave, u don’t remember me? We went Mt Hebron and MHS. Matthew Orebic. (And I thought we were Fb friends, my my.)

        1. I didn’t recognize you as Berkeleymind. There is an epidemic here at WordPress of spam commenters. Lately, they’ve learned to actually be critical of posts in an effort to get a reply and therefore access to my comment streams. I saw your return email address and did recognize you, hence the high school reference. Sometimes I forget that I post links to these on Facebook, since most of my friends there seem uninterested in reading anything longer than a paragraph. Hope you aren’t too offended….

  2. Not at all. I’ve enjoyed reading your funny stuff. The banter is a crack up. It’s great that u work with kids who need help. R u a phys Ed teacher, P.T., or both? I meant it that u could write 4 Letterman. The bumper sticker and the graduation speech tips were perfect for him. U should submit those to him and ask for a shot!

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